Industrial Maintenance Services

Industrial Maintenance Services, Inc., is located near the very beautiful and historic town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The Village was founded in 1844 and has become one of the most photographed sites in the country. It has three sets of waterfalls, starting upstream at the old Chase Bag Papermill site with the third in town as seen in the photo shown here. Because of its splendor and careful zoning, maintaining the original charm and historic value, Chagrin Falls has been used as a backdrop in several motion pictures, and as one can imagine, countless wedding pictures. 

IMS was founded late in 2000 with the single goal of being a customer and employee driven company. When building the company business model, the IMS management team took the time to complete several months of careful interviewing with as many people as possible. From those interviews, they heard what worked, more importantly what had not worked; what was successful, and where other companies in this market were falling short. Using this information, IMS developed a business plan that was sure to succeed. Today, IMS continues to believe in its philosophies and will continue to keep its finger on the ever changing pulse of the Pulp and Paper Industry, thus providing the best possible service, at the most reasonable cost to its customers. This business model has afforded IMS Parts to become the largest and most successful third party parts provider ever in this business sector. IMS is poised for continued growth and will work with its customers and business partners for their continued success.